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The predecessor of the company, MI.V Bt., was established by Levente Mihucz while he was still in college. After gaining proper design experience (at Erőterv Zrt) and achieving the chief designer title, the company, starting the year 2000, took on more and more serious projects.  In 2004, MI.V was transformed from a Limited Partnership to a Limited Liability Company. Levente Mihucz remained the main owner of the company, but Dénes Lőrinz, chartered civil engineer, chief designer, acquired a holding.   He later retired and left the company, but remained a member of our team as an inspector and expert. Two young, talented engineers, Gábor Kepe and Gábor Eőry acquired a holding in the company.

The company’s projects and income continued to increase until the financial crisis hit in the autumn of 2008. Afterwards, both work and income waned drastically, but, thanks to our luck (and good reputation) the company managed to stay in business.

True change came in 2014.  In the beginning of 2015, the company hit the ground running, and, in additional to domestic projects, contributed to several international industrial designs.  Please see our references in the dedicated subsection of the website.