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We appreciate and seek safety, especially when it comes to structures. In almost every construction or investment, clients are looking for some astonishing miracle – naturally, at half the price. Anyone who is active in the construction industry can confirm that 99% (!) of investors are price sensitive. This situation usually results in clients or investors frequently skimping on a substantive issue, like safety. When considering safety, it is best to be proactive, starting as soon as the design phase. Having a building designer who can think like a constructor is an enormous advantage, and so is having the given structure realized by a team of true experts. If any technical issues arise during the implementation of the project, where the given problem is beyond the competency of the designer, technical inspector or constructor, one should consider calling in an independent expert, who has references and continuously up-to-date expertise. Just as prestigious medical professionals call for consultation and ask for second opinions, there is a growing tendency in the construction industry for requesting resolution from experts.

Even in the case of a family house, it is important to have all technical designs, like plumbing, heating and the gas system, be constructed based on exact project documentation. Our office, MI.V Mérnökiroda, has an ISO 9001 quality management certification, a great deal of experience and numerous references in supporting structure design and consultancy. The office produces static licensing and construction documentation and calculations, prepares construction expert opinions, handles construction engineering services, engineering consultation and technical management, and draws up construction licensing and construction documentation.  In addition to residential and public buildings, you can also find industrial buildings (e.g. power plants and nuclear installations) among our references.